Mixing in headphonessss

Hey Teezio, awesome video you dropped so many gems :gem:! What is your opinion of mixing in headphones? I currently have DT 990 Pro’s and my mixes sound good on them but sometimes it doesn’t translate to AirPods or the car? Do you have any advice for me?

I’m not teezio but I’ll help you out with this one real quick! First of all make sure your mixing enviroment is trustworthy atleast to you, you got to learn it and know how reference tracks sound like in it. This is why people treat the rooms since it gives a more flatter sound and representation. I take it further and do time based, magnitude correction to my speaker using a convolver plugin, it gives me an insanely nice room curve which translates everywhere.

Now let’s say you want to mix on headphones and you know your headphones well but it doesn’t always translate, you can use a service like listento by audiomovers, to quickly reference on airpods and it should cut down a significant time of having to bounce and check on airpods, as you can mix live with the airpods to fix up the mix. The problem with headphones is the loudness and the fact that there’s no crossover bleed from the left and right headphone so you lose your phantom center, so some alternatives include using a plugin like canopener which will give you that phantom center back and it will be more accurate for mixing. Lastly what I use when I mix on headphone is slate vsx which emulates room and in my experience, it has been insanely accurate but I still prefer my speakers since it’s easier to get immersed into the mix with real speaker.

I am sure Teezio can chime in on that but hope that I’ve helped you!

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Thank you !!! I’ll definitely look in to it!

grace 900 headphone amp has a crossover bleed option built in as well.

I would try mixing directly in the AirPod maxes They’re actually incredible detailed and well balanced headphones I always check my mixes from my room on them And if I needed to mix only on headphones for any reason I would 100 percent use those


Wow, thank you for taking time to answer!!! Definitely would look into those.

Do you switch between listening modes during the mix? Transparency vs noise cancellation?

i do not switch between them … i just mix in non-transparent

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What’s your opinion on the Kali Audio LP-6 V2 6.5-inch monitors??? I’ve heard they’re really good for mixing at that budget!

ive never heard of those headphones. i when i listen on headphones im essentially feeling out the consumer perspective so sinc eapple headphones are the most popular it makes sense to me to check my mixes there. i dont mix in headphones in general at most ill check mixes and make small tweaks or de-ess a specific line thats popping out in the headphones

Ok, thank you!!! Will look into some speakers

Good stuff, great advice!