Multi Mono Compressor vs. Stereo Compressor

Hi Andrew, I am Roberto from Ecuador, I had the pleasure of participating in your seminar in 2019 in France. I’m a big fan of your work.
I have these question: Why is it better to use multi-mono compressors than stereo compressors in parallel sending? Doesn’t this cause phase problems when mixed with the original signal? Greetings from Ecuador

Hi Roberto, nice to hear from you.

There’s no reason to use stereo of multi-mono compressors in parallel, it’s just what you like. As far as phase, the only thing that should cause phase issues with parallel compression is non-linear crossovers in a multiband compressor. Multi-mono is just about how the left and right channels compress, won’t change anything to do with phase.

Thanks for your answer Andrew. Your last MWTM video was great. I liked how you worked on the drums and guitars. If you would like to come to Ecuador with your wife sometime, this is my email:
Greetings to you and your wife, The seminar was a good experience, which helped me improve my work. Thanks