MC404 Usage and Compression Advice

Hi Jaycen,

I noticed from your last mixing session, and in general, that you love using the MC404. I have a few questions regarding it. Is there a reason you like to match the outputs on both bands and apply the same threshold to both bands instead of using different thresholds? Is there a particular reason you always seem to opt for a multiband compressor in your second stage of compression? You sometimes adjust the release for the low-mid band on the vocal to add more “weight” to it. Why do you do that, and what is your thought process? How do you feel about engineers who are very against using a multiband compressor due to the potential phase issues that can arise? Lastly, do you know any good substitutes for the MC404, like the DynOne, or do you strictly recommend using the MC404?

I apologize for asking so many questions; I just really want to understand your thought process :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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