Musical mixes on low/lo-mid range

Hi Tchad!

Shawn Everett showed (on MWTM) one of your mixes (Everlasting light) as an example of how important is 90hz - 550hz (fundamentals/first/second harmonics range) is for a musical mix. He soloed that range with a multiband tool and the song danced beautiful, dinamic, with sense of gravity, and well defined every element.
I could watch on your videos you set the crossover freqs of the ML4000 on your master buss a 70hz - 550hz range. Do you put special focus on that area?
Do you use multiband expansion (buss or individual) on that range if you feel the song lacks movement/energy?



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Hi B,
I don’t accurately know the frequencies. I play with all kinds of eq on channels, instrument groups and 2 bus until it sounds good to me. Nothing is off the table regarding what’s used and how, to get to the finish.
I will sometimes use the Transient Designer or Trans X on the drums or bass.
I don’t remember ever using expansion on a 2 bus multiband.

(A note about the Everlasting Light example or any kind of analysing of the sonics of a mix. With the whole album “Brothers” there were very few tracks. EL was one of the highest track counts coming in at about 16 tracks…maybe. Half those were very sparse in the arrangement. The drums were 3 mono tracks. K, Sn, Oh.
Dynamics and definition are a breeze with less going on compared to full arrangements with double or triple guitars, 5 kb’s, 10 trks of perc, loads of layered vocals. These full arrangements need a different approach. It still all just listening though.
Be careful when using a mix as a reference that it at least is somewhat in kind with what you’re mixing. )


Thanks so much Tchad! B