New Video Release - J Loyd Producing ‘Back on 74' by Jungle

J Lloyd, from the British group Jungle, joins us to revisit the making of their viral hit, “Back On 74”. J reveals how the team went back to basics on their fourth album, adopting a loose DIY approach to their writing and production process. Rich with character and authenticity, the song will inspire you to put your technical limitations aside and let your creativity flow in the moment.

J opens up the original session in Logic Pro and rebuilds the track piece by piece. This allows you to hear how the band wrote and recorded the song’s catchy chords and melodies using a simple home studio setup. As J plays back the multitrack, he shares tips for finding inspiration, building momentum and getting your songs over the finish line.

No longer interested in chasing perfection, J shares the philosophies and techniques that contribute to the band’s effortlessly cool sound. He discusses the recordings and equipment that inspire him aesthetically, and he explains how he recreates these sounds using digital emulations of old tape machines, echo chambers and more.

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