New Video Release - Jaycen Joshua - Mixing 'D-R-U-N-K ' by Lady London

Ask your questions to Jaycen Joshua about the latest video release in this exclusive Q&A between May 30 - June 6th:

Get behind the wheel with Jaycen Joshua and watch him mix a brand-new track from scratch. In this 90-minute series, the world-renowned engineer reveals his closely guarded secrets for tuning up vocals, supercharging low end and delivering first-class mixes at light speed.

Jay launches straight into the DAW session and processes the track using his custom Pro Tools template. You will learn how he balances the instrumental using targeted EQ and compression, and how he uses StandardCLIP, Spectre and HEAT to push the mix into overdrive.

The star of this series is lead vocals and Jay unveils his highly anticipated vocal chain in full. Using a few specific plugins, he demonstrates how to tackle common problems such as harshness, sibilance and over-processed recordings. These techniques are guaranteed to take your mixing practice to the next level, helping you achieve dynamic and engaging vocals with a deluxe top end.

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