Vocals techniques

Hey Jaycen!

Love your work and watched all your videos. Very inspiring and amazing that i get a chance to ask u this as ive learned and put into practise ur techniques.

For vocals i love how they sound but i cant seem to mix it just right.

I feel the mcdsp has a greater impact on it as ive tried to tweak it.

I have all the plugins u have put into practise on youtube like the elray and such.

But im having trouble.

Is there possibly a better way to better understand all of this? But im guessing just learning more about compression but id rather ask u for advise if i can…

Will put this out there, i did not go to school and have all learned online and bought courses. Im hungary to really get all this mixing and mastering down and hope one day i can work in a real studio rather then my apartment.

Thank you for reading as this does mean alot to me for u to c this.

Thank you

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