The big dog vocal chain

first off
I dont expect a response, but if someone is actually going through these I want to say thanks
I lacked a lot of confidence in my mixing previously
These sessions have been incredibly influential to my mindset and approach
I wish the vocals would’ve been explored more
I see the de ess at the beginning instead of the end
I see fresh air, spectre and soothe as new additions
I wonder which preset is on the soothe?
Same as the VOX ALL from previous sessions? or Voice of God?
Is the De ess from WAVES? Previously it was the Fab filter
If so, since the two are a little different, why was it changed from the Fab filter?
I can obviously try all of this and judge for myself, but I want to know why the goat does what he does
Especially since the previous chain was GOLD, why change it now?
Seeing these changes makes me wonder what else I could be missing that might help me improve for the next rep

Thanks for your time and the knowledge

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All of this should be coming in future videos! This latest drop was just information from the first day of the classes. We’ve hopefully got three more drops coming!


Waiting patiently for this. Got bass and drums cooking through your setup in Logic Pro. I’m using presets on your vocal chain to finish out the mix and it already blows my old setup completely out of the water.

Whats up everyone. So, I’m new to the community and super glad I joined. I’m seeing much added value to my process only a few days in.

1st - I’m going through the videos with Jaycen and trying to understand his approach and his template. I am LITERALLY pausing the video and trying to emulate his template on Pro Tools. If I don’t have the same plugin used in the video, I’m either demoing the one he used, or using a similar plugin to do the same technique.

2nd - I’m looking forward to connecting with the community on here to learn and build with you guys. Definitely trying to grown and make connections out here. Hope all y’all doing well.