Page 116 or recording unhinged

Hi Sylvia,
I just wanted to tell you that I’ve just finished a conversation about the Led Zeppelin drum sound on “when the Levee breaks” with my mother in law. (Who knew?)
I used your fantastic book to further illustrate the simplicity of the method and the profoundly beautiful process of recording. I’m really looking forward to your next publication on microphones.
I’d like to ask you about the American d22 microphone, or is it the d33. (Jack Joseph Puig).
I know Eric Valentine use an EV 666 microphone for possibly the same purpose, which my guess is a limited frequency response “vibe mic” , but my question to you is, can you suggest an equivalent mic that’s not so unobtainable. I was lucky enough to find two Beyer M69’s from the sixties which seem to fit the description and I love them.
But am I satisfied? No of course not. We’re talking microphones for gods sake!!
I’d just love to ask you based on your expertise
and knowledge if you have a favourite vibe mic?
Best Keith