Philosophy of mixing with the mind

Hi, Michael. I am grateful to you for your work, for the emotions that you bring to the mixes. Special thanks for your educational activities, the advice that you give at seminars, webinars, interviews are priceless and eternal, thank you!

You pay a lot of attention to the issue of the work of mind in the mixing process, I completely agree with you, because all technical work with the gear is a completely continuation of thoughts. You said that you had encountered the blocks in people’s minds that had prevented them from thinking creatively in mixing. Could you expand on this topic? That is, how to deal with the blocks in the mind?

You also talked about emphasizing the character of the song. How much priority do you give to the lyrics? Or do you pay attention to the music first and then to the lyrics? And by what means of expression can you emphasize these or those emotions in a song? As I understand it, if the song is aggressive, there are more distortion on certain instruments and if it is gentle, on the contrary there are soft timbres and very close vocals. I would like to learn your opinion about these issues.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes and regards,