Enhancing emotion in a mix

Hey Tony

What is your approach when it comes to enhancing the emotion of a song?

What do you listen out for?

Any techniques you could share?

Does it change from genre to genre?


Hi Erik,
Great question. Best way to start to to listen to the rough over and over. Try to feel where there’s something missing or perhaps a missed opportunity. Or even a part in the arrangement/production that is being downplayed when it should be accentuated. Do your best to be the audience; listen in the car, the couch in the rear of the room. …anywhere but the center of the mains. If you have assistance and others in the studio, play it low while chatting. …making mental notes where the song/mix is lacking.

Also: find references in the past or present that you think the song would be played before or after and play them, see how it stands up to the emotion, excitement or sentiment.

These are the tools and idea’s I use on a daily basis.
I hope that helps,


Hi Tony.

This is great. It seems to be more of a mindset first and then techniques thing, right? Thanks for your time.
Really helpful.