Mix Feedback (House/Pop)

Good day, CLA!

Here’s a recent one I did in my new mix room—I’ll take any advice I can get to get stuff like this to “pop” more. Thanks so much for your time!

All the best,

Hey Jp,
My first question would be are you also the producer/writer on this or the mixer solely. If you are the producer then a few things I would suggest is making sure the vocals are all in pitch, there’s a few parts where they are off pitch. There’s seems to be a lot of “Swing” on the drums, which is a “Style” of approach but in some places it gets a bit confusing to follow the groove, along with the instrumentation and vocal, it’s begins to slightly clash. The bass is coming through loud and clear on my end, but I can barely hear the kick drum when the bass is present, so possibly you may want to look into clearing space for that. There are a few places where I’d recommend tightening up the transitions, but all and all hopefully some of these notes help. All the best, Adam