Rear Compressor - Wavesfactory Trackspacer?

Hi Andrew,

Have you tried or heard of WavesFactory’s Trackspacer?
The way you use your rear compressor seems kind of like how Jaycen Joshua uses wavesfactory’s trackspacer, he sidechanins all vocals to all music, so whenever vocals come in the music comes down a tiny bit then comes back as soon as vocals are gone. It is similar to your rear back compressor technique but different approach. Would you say so?

As far as I know Trackspacer is frequency dependant and uses the sidechain to trigger its dynamics processing, which would make it a more adaptive process than my parallel compression. Mine is just straight parallel compression with no sidechain.

I might try it though…


Yes, it is frequency dependent so it only lowers the frequencies where the vocals sit in the mix, which is great I think. A little bit goes a long way, it has attack and release controls under the hood that you can manipulate.

When you said you do it to make the instruments come down when vocals come up I thought this tool might be helpful to you.

Thanks for your response.

One more question,

what triggers the rear compression? do you use it as a bus insert on a “ALL MUSIC EXCEPT DRUMS” track? or do you individually bus insert it on each track you want to parallel compress? thank you!

I use post fader sends at 0dB on all tracks I want to send to it.