Sending to mastering

When you send to mastering do you take anything off the mix bus or turn aux down ? or just send exactly how you have it?

I heard him speak about this in «Hanging out with Teezio and Bainz» video by David Kim (All up in the mix) i belive it was and he mentioned that he uses his trim button on his Orbit summing mixer but if he does anything else as well i don’t know. Hope that helps as bit, recommend the video i mentioned a lot of gems from 3 top mixing engineers

i give 1 db of head room thats it. taking everything off the mix buss is a thing of the past . most mixers that dont want their mix fucked with and will send AS IS most of the time

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Send whatever is approved by the artist/producer. if they listened to a version with all the mix bus processing and limiter, send that. there’s no point in going backward from what was already approved.

I look at it like let’s see what comes out the best, it’s not hard for a mix to get approved nowadays, mastering is some real wizardry in the right hands , thanks for the input

As a mastering engineer myself, I want to get the best point the mixing engineer got to and take it from there. I need ‘to beat’ the mix. The final point is with all the mix bus processing, otherwise why did you put it there?
The mix should already be at the level of ready for release, if you listen to teezio mixes you sometimes wonder what the mastering engineer will do after this. But it’s a collaborative process, I prefer building from that rather then trying to figure out what processes were used and how to get there, since everyone (producer, artist, management, label) already approved on the sound.
You say it’s not that hard to get a mix approved, but when you go up the ladder of ‘bigger artists’ you have way more people to please.

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I just wanted to know what teezio did bc he fire, not leaving any room for mastering to mess it up makes sense , if I went to someone like Colin I would send with and without limiter :v:

I dont give any mastering engineer a mix without the buss on its just not whats best for the song sometimes at this level by the time im going to mastering i dont want someone to have to rebuild my chain i need them to correct any small freq and try to get a little louder and thats it. if there’s an issue they have i can address in mix and reprint for them

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Do you use the output trim on the Oxford limiter to give the 1db headroom?