Mastering anticipation

Hi Andrew,
The last time I asked you a question was back when you were with NED and I was trying to navigate my Synclavier.
I’m curious if you get a mix as close as it can possibly to its final incarnation, with a complete disregard for what you might add later on the mix buss, or what might happen at mastering…or do you anticipate that final chapter, and allow for it?
Congratulations on all your great work, and thanks for the help so many years ago.
Jim Johnston

Hi Jim!
Very long time indeed. I have the bulk of my mix buss processing on from the very beginning of any mix, it’s what I describe as the ‘sound of my console’. That said, my mix buss is basically EQ and a limiter, so other than some broad curves there isn’t a lot going on. I always try to make the mix exactly what I want to hear and, to most mastering engineers chagrin, I don’t think about leaving things until later.