Sequencing an album

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Thank you so much for your help in the last question. Appreciate your time and sharing your knowledge with us.

When you are sequencing an entire album, how do you manage to unify the general color If you are mastering in the box? Do you add some hardware too? What are your choices in terms of color?

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Hi Alvaro2,

My pleasure. When mastering an album, I work to unify the general color through shaping the EQ, making the EQ sound as consistent as possible where it’s appropriate to do so. I don’t use much outboard gear. If I’m not getting the results in the box, sometimes the hardware helps, but the color added comes from the sound of the converter choice as well as the Muth transfer console and whatever else I introduce in the chain – Sontec, Dangerous compressor, etc.

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Thank you very much Randy, your answers have been really helpful!


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