Sequencing Question

Hi Randy,
In the context of digital releases for EPs and LPs, I’m curious about your approach to sequencing, especially when an artist opts to release singles sequentially and the mastering is not completed in one session.
How do you handle the demand for maintaining streaming numbers, which often discourages uploading new versions, while ensuring consistency in relative levels and track spacing?
I often face requests for providing a complete master with the full sequence, even when singles are released individually over time. This seems to be a growing trend, and I’m interested in your strategies for balancing these aspects in the mastering process.

Hi Robin,

When I’m mastering a new single for a client, I’m constantly referencing the past singles I’ve done for them to try to bring some consistency to the new one, assuming that someday, they may end up on the same album. This obviously increases the time spent on the new song since I have to refresh my memory of the previously mastered singles. Also, I always leave a little blank space at the end of the file as if it may someday be going into another song on the album.

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