Snare sitting properly in the mix, rearbus/mixbus in series or parallel

Hi Andrew,

You are in my opinion the best mixing teacher of all time, thank you! What is the first thing to check when the snare doesn’t sit well in the mix? I’m following all of your templates, kick/snare crush and drum crush etc, also using the exact same plugins in your rear bus going into the mix bus.

In your old videos with the song Crossfire, the signal from your rear bus goes into the mix bus and into the master channel, which is the same technique that I’m using currently on my track right now. However in the recent new video That Which Animates The Spirit it’s in Parallel, is there a reason for this change?

Stan Long

Hi Stan,

First, I’m pretty sure on that mix the Rear Buss feeds into the mix buss the same way it always has, but the template might look different from whatever you’ve seen before.

Basically, for me, whenever a snare won’t sit right in the track it’s about length, and usually it’s too short, which makes it stick out. The first thing to check is if you can get some more space around the snare by changing the balance/eq/compression of overheads and room mics. If that doesn’t work you can try all kinds of things on the snare directly. You can compress differently, add more parallel compression, add subtle natural reverb, add distortion, or add parallel distortion. One of those will usually work.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for answering, parallel distortion is a new one for me, god I wish if mixwiththemasters had a feature where we could upload a mix and you can critique it, that would be a dream.

This Q+A is super helpful. Thanks for asking it.

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