Subtraction-EQ prior to Channel-Strip?

Hello Sir…

Do you ever recommend Inserting a clean EQ, first in a chain, for things like filtering and/or corrective-subtracting frequencies prior to desired Channel-Strip, as opposed to inserting Channel-Strip alone and using it for same purpose as well as any other moves?
Appreciated, TY

Hi Joe,

I think of EQ as having two jobs, There is the ‘surgical’ or ‘repair’ eq and there is the musical eq.

In my original design for the OmniChannel I wanted two EQs. A very clean EQ first in the chain with filters and only the ability to cut, not boost. The second EQ later in the chain would be boost only and very colorful. Fortunately Waves talked me out of that, and the compromise was that you had to be able to re-order modules and add a second EQ if you needed it.

I will very often clean up with the clean parametric bands in my channel strip (the third option on every band) and then do the musical eq either right before or after dynamics processing, just depending on what it sounds like. The insert on the channel strip can have a second eq which is how I can do that.

Hope that helps,

Hello Sir,

I Get it and may I say your Omni-Channel is Outstanding, so cool!!
I just wondered if you see ANY advantage to sending a “surgical” or “repaired” signal into such channel-strips rather than not?
In reviewing your answer it appears Not.

Of course what it sounds like is Always the metric.

Joe Libretti


There’s definitely value in “fixing” the source before further processing. It just doesn’t matter if you do it inside the channel strip or before it.