Techinal vs Creative Mixing

Hey tom, I really love your videos and you have helped me diverse my mixing style. In the previous video you did on travis you talked about how you like things not to be perfect. Does this mean you focus more on the creative aspect rather than the technical side of mix.

hi Alasan
yes and no
i have to focus on the technical side of the mix to allow myself to get creative…however its important to remember that we are working with music which is not like building a car or any specific piece of machinery.
its abstract by default so there is no right or wrong and many of the important creative inventions like flanging/phasing happened only because someone messed up technically or used a piece of gear that wasn’t designed for the job they used it for…my personal taste in records and art in general is all about the imperfections which ultimately make them relatable and human. the artists i have been fortunate to work with have allowed enough imperfection into their work and i feel that is what makes them connect so much more
the grid can be your enemy haha


Thanks very much Tom, from watching your videos i’ve learned alot about making the record feel unique and from what you said ill be incorporating your advice into my future mixes. P.S Since i was in primary school ive always wonder why Rolling in the deep was my favourite song because it moved me in so many ways and now i finally know why and that is because you sprinkled your hybrid mixing approach to the mix, so thanks for your involvement in such a beautiful record.

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