The “God Particle” plugin on the master bus

Hi Randy,

Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been experimenting with the “God Particle” plugin on the master bus during mixing and like its natural sound and all the magic it does. Would you recommend using it on master bus before sending it to the mastering engineer, if so what set up of the plugin would you recommend? I often collaborate with Dave Kutch and Kevin Peterson at The Mastering Palace. Your guidance would be highly valuable.



Hi Marek,

Thank you, I hope you are well too. I would recommend asking Dave and Kevin how they feel about this plugin and go with their guidance on it. I’ve found that a mix with and without it generally bear little resemblance to one another, so I have found it difficult to work on tracks where it has been used in mixing but taken off before mastering. In my opinion, if you plan to use it and leave it on, it would be better, although it’s good to leave some room in terms of level for the mastering, so possibly backing off the limiting a hair might be good. But regardless, you should consult with your ME’s to learn their opinion. Hope this helps.

Thank you,