UA unison preamp help

Hey folks.
I’ve been considering upgrading to the UA neve unison preamp. I record a lot of vocals and acoustic instruments and have been using the 610 preamp that comes with the Apollo. I’m also open to other unison suggestions. Curious what y’all have to say about it.


Hello Jack,

I have the Neve 1073 hardware and various UA unison plugins which are fantastic. The difference to the hardware is not that big, especially when you consider the price. I mostly use the plugins for recording.

Regards Ivan

Been loving my Apollo! First as a buddy reminded me, take advantage of their demos. This is assuming you have not used them. Great way to actually test something before committing to it. I hear your UAD demos also reset after a purchase. Second, I would suggest taking advantage of the sale currently going on + looking at premade or custom “you pick” bundles. The higher you go, the more you are saving. When I first got my Apollo a month or two back I bought a premade bundle with 20-30 of the main plugins for a good deal ($150-300 can’t remember off top). It didn’t include the Neve 1073, but after demoing I realized it was a bit aggressive for me (a video I watched showed the 1084 had more flexibility by way of EQ and signal but a different tone). When using the Unison preamp you are committing forever, so I ended up landing on a softer Avalon 737 (just the pre amp) into a light CL-1B. The CL-1B was $299 last month while everything else was on sale. Now it’s $149. Steal right? Not when I can go for the custom “you pick” 10 bundle for $350 & grab the CL-1B, the Neve 1073, C-Suite Vox clean up & 7 others. While I’ve been deciding I’ve used the original CL-1B demo and the Mach II demo, giving me a month of use before committing with the bundle. Third, they also have their monthly subscription plan with a certain amount of plugins included. You could check that out as a way to demo/use their plugins as well. Hope this helps!