Preamp gain when recording


Thank you for doing this review of your mix, I have been waiting for it for a long time. I would like to ask what is the preamp gain on the 1073 you used when recording young thugh, and how much compression for cl1b please( what is your settings for the attack and release?)

Hey Kellyan!
It all depends on the input level and the intensity the vocalist is singing or rapping at… I usually keep the 1073 at around 30 for leads and might go lower for addlibs when he’s yelling… on the cl1b where I get most of my gain from (sometimes I go to +10) its a medium - fast attack and release … I like doing it this way so I don’t crunch up the preamp and if I need color later on I can add it in the mix stage… this works in my particular situation because of how fast we move and how dynamic he is… if I had the preamp higher I would constantly get distorted vocals…