Vinyl Mastering

Hi Mike,
For Vinyl mastering is it ok to use the same Digital mastering for streaming, lowering the volume to the appropriated -12 /-10 LUFS?
Or we should make a completely new mastering for vinyl.

Hey Dani,

That’s a very good question.

Once we finalize the sound and level for an album, that’s the sound the artist is trying to transfer to all mediums, including vinyl. There are exceptions, but by and large the same master is used for all mediums. Regardless of the LUFs reading of the record, it’s not directly related to the lacquer cutting.

It’s the job of an experienced engineer to make the appropriate adjustments at the cutting stage while doing test cuts to hear how the program behaves when transferred to the lacquer.



Thanks for the answer.
I have one last doubt.
If I have a very hot mastering that we all like for Streaming ( -7 LUFs Integrated), I shouldn’t turn down the volume when I prepare the vinyl file for the cutting stage?
A few times, they told me the file was too loud for vinyl cutting, so I ended up lowering the volume of the file to -10 LUFs I.

I can’t speak for other cutting facilities, but at Bernie Grundman Mastering we don’t reject a clients masters as a cutting source.

It’s our job to get the artists vision on the lacquer with success, period.

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