Mastering Approach For "Quiet" Mixes

Greetings Randy,

I’m interested in how you would approach mastering an approved client mix that you receive where:

  • The file is 24 bit WAV
  • The loudest peak is -0.3 dBTP
  • The loudness level is -22 LUFS-I
  • The client requests a competitive master of -8 LUFS-I
  • The client wants the master to be transparent and sound identical to the approved mix

Thanks so much! Cheers from South Wales, NY, USA.

Best Regards,


Charles H. Root, III

Hi Charles,

It’s hard to say without hearing it, but one sure thing is that it won’t sound identical, but hopefully you can get it as close as possible – but better. You’ll need to A/B with the mix and mastering level matched as you’re working so you know you’re heading in the right direction. Looks like you’ll have to do a lot of peak limiting to get the volume up to their target. You may need to run more than one limiter in series, getting the most out of the first one, then adding another after it for more gain, and possibly another after that. Wishing you the best of luck with it!

Best Regards,


Hi Randy,

Thanks for the quick reply! It is very much appreciated!

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