How to get loud master with the same LUFS

Hi, Mike,

In recent years, the issue of loudness has become a social media phenomenon. Lots of engineers talk about how to achieve a louder sound at the same LUFS. Clippers, limiters, compressors, EQ tricks, low-end tricks and much more…

At this point, do you have a preferred method for achieving high loudness? I need a vision of how I approach the topic. I also think that this topic is related to gain staging to some point.

Your comments are very valuable for me.


Hello Erdem!

I would have to agree with what you have already discovered. Gain structure, EQ and limiting/compression are all ways to achieve what you’re asking. It’s difficult to say which approach to take without hearing the source material.

In general, besides level, limiting can excite a track to give it some more perceived energy as does adding some EQ to some of the mid and upper mid frequencies.

I will say that a LUFS reading should be the last thing to factor into making a great sounding master. Good luck!