What do you wish they taught engineers?

Hi Candace!

What do you wish that engineers or producers knew about working in studios or just in this line of work in general? What are some of the key interpersonal, business, or otherwise “soft” skills that people can’t learn in school that are crucial for success?

Thanks for taking the time to give us this opportunity :slight_smile:

I think of a producer as already being experienced in dealing with clients/artists. 1st engineers as well. However when you are starting out as an intern, runner or asst engineer, one of the most important things you have to learn early on is how to “read” the room.
Find a place to locate yourself in the CR and stay out of the way while always being aware of what the client needs so you can respond quickly. DO NOT insert yourself into a conversation unless directly addressed…
Remember humility is a wonderful quality and even if you are “green” or less experienced a client will probably like you if you have a good helpful vibe and a positive energy, Even if you aren’t the most experienced person in the room. I think almost all Producers and 1st engineers like to teach as long as you are not draining or interfering with the process…
Most schools will go over etiquette in their programs but until you are actually in a room with people for 12 hrs + you may not “get it”.
The best thing to do is be quiet and attentive…

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Amazing, thanks Candace!
I’m giving a guest lecture for a recording arts post-secondary program’s production seminar in an hour, so this is the best timing.