How to reach out to new clients as a mixing engineer

How to reach out to new clients as a mixing engineer.

It’s a good question that I don’t have a complete answer for.
For me it’s face to face networking. Sometimes at live gigs or just visiting studios. I do have a manager but we’ve never solicited any artist for my mixing. All just word of mouth.



I hope it’s okay if I respond here. I’ve always told my students:

Be good at what you do and participate in your local music/audio community. (I started a podcast a few months ago to meet more folks in my region)

Go to shows. Support artists. Learn your craft and be able to teach others.

Know how to take criticism without taking things personally. Always be looking for the next opportunity. Listen listen listen to younger artists and engineers because they will always be hungrier than you and will spot trends much faster.

Curate talent by finding it and pursuing it. Know how to sell yourself not your services!