What’s the right order for the NLS Chain

Hey Jaycen,

first of all I want to thank you for all the help you‘re providing! You have been a huge inspiration for me and at the same time a great mentor!

My question is: Can you tell me the order for the NLS Bus and the settings? And is there a difference between the Bus for the Kick and 808?

I found the order online but I just can‘t achieve the same sound.

Thanks a lot!

First plugin settings: Drive: 1.0, Noise Off
Rest of the plugin settings: Drive 0, Noise On
Plugin “type” order: Mike, Spike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Spike, Nevo, Mike


Amazing! I left the noise on for the first plugin, so that’s good to know. I started running my entire mix through the NLS chain! Especially with the live folk singer/songwriter recordings I’ve been doing lately, it really brings out all the transients in the vocals and acoustic guitar!!

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Awesome! Thanks a lot.

I remember the first Mike setting was 0.5 drive
Maybe I’m wrong
Did u change that ?
And if yes so why ?