Drum Bus NLS Settings

Hi Jaycen! Thanks for the workshop and love the series! For the Drum Bus, is there any more specifics we should know for the NLS settings? I noticed there are 8 NLS vst’s and 2 are set to the to the “Spike” setting. Does that mean that the rest are set to the default “Mike” setting?

Its Spike, 4xMike, Spike, Nevo, Mike in that order,

Cheers, Gian

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I Thought it was mike spike mike mike mike spike nevo mike?

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What kind of tracks are the nls on in protools cause it looked like it only had one io setting on it. Do I just do the nls on a regular stereo audio track and stack the nls there and route thru?

you are right, that’s what beatspot reports as well: