NLS in serial or parallel

Hi Joshua, I’m unfamiliar with ProTools. Still, to me, it looks from the video like the NLS bus instances are on a separate channel which is then used as an effect to pass the whole content through - which would indicate a serial usage of it. Still, if I’m not mistaken you also mention parallel usage, so my question is: which is your method of choice?

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I use them in serial - i might have mentioned parallel because we’re working on a way to create a “mix” control. The challenge of this is the nonlinear nature of the plugins - the input and output phase do not match and can cause issues when blending the wet and dry signals


Oh great, thanks for the quick answer. Then I got it right. Because there have been also questions for your template in Ableton here, I wonder if you like me to share it here with you guys, since I already created it based on the information provided in the video.

Could you maybe share a dropbox link of the template?

Sure, have fun.


Thank you so much man !!

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