Achieving powerful low end without 808? Possible?

Hello from korea

Getting a lot of intuition from your mix tutorials.

Do you think kick alone can bring a big low energy, without sub 808?

I am asking this because i am wondering, as a producer, if i can make a track without 808. I will add bass but it would not be sub heavy 808.

But i am struggling because i cannot bring that low energy without sub. I just cant feel weight!

So this is basically a production question but need mixer’s perspective.

Do you think modern hophop or rnb can achieve huge low without 808?

If i dont use 808, would it be just mid range focused record? Or do you think low energy can be achieved without 808, with a help of mix technique?


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Depending on the actual kick, I believe it is possible to get sufficient low end in a mix without an 808. The question I would have is why is it important to accomplish this without the 808. Is there a reason why you don’t want to use an 808?

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