Thoughts on the week-long seminar?

Hey MWTM fam,

I’m applying to the week-long seminar at La Fabrique with Tony Hoffer on June 28th. If there’s anyone looking at the community forum right now who previously attended, I’d love to hear about your experience!



I went a few years to a Michael Brauer session. Very useful and beneficial to my work and career. It was amazing and magical. No complaints, no regrets.


I love it! Is there strict criteria where an applicant wouldn’t be a good fit?

I’m a relatively new producer and mix engineer, with my first few bodies of work dropping in the next couple of months. However, I’m super comfortable navigating different DAWs, mixing consoles, routing, effects processing, fundamental audio concepts, music theory, etc.

Hope that wouldn’t be held against me, especially since I plan on engaging deeper with the MWTM community and trying to be helpful to others :blush:

My understanding is the structure is set up in a way that should be accommodating to most skill levels, but I think intermediate or more advanced users will get the most out of the session. That said, just the experience of seeing and understanding how A level work is done can be eye opening.

If you dont yet have the knowledge set to understand the conversations, it would be less advantageous because a lot of the most important details could be missed.

If you can afford it and the work you are currently doing is solid and you feel like what you are doing is competitive or at least hanging with your direct peers, I would say go for it. You’ll meet other cool people who like the same aesthetic you do, you’ll eat amazing food, and make some realizations that will help you improve rapidly.

MWTM wants you to be successful if you attend, so if your submitted portfolio materials is too far off or they dont think it would be a good fit, they would probably let you know.

I am really happy I went and would love to go back—go for it!

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Awesome! This gives me conviction to go all-in. Will probably submit private SoundCloud links then to demonstrate quality then, instead of having to align with my official release processes

Thanks Jon :pray:

Nice, that’s the best reason to do it. Don’t try to match your release with your application, no need for that. If you’re unsure about where your work fits, I would reach out to the MWTM seminar staff and ask them to take a listen and let you know if it’s good fit.

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Thanks so much for all of this advice Jon!