Cardi B vocal chain

Hello, Leslie Brathwaite, thank you very much for your work and for sharing such valuable material, it is very inspiring and educational. After watching it, I had a question. Why don’t you use other, perhaps more technological types of plugins in the cardi b chain? for example, I notice that a distressor from uad or a 1084 preamp is very suitable for trap vocals, or for example the same Fairchild but not the legacy version, or the same Manley voxbox, are they really less suitable for Cardi B’s vocals? Or is it a matter of optimization and simplicity? I’m sure you’ve experimented with this, I wonder why you settled on this particular plugin set? Sorry if my question sounds rude, I really want to understand this

No particular reason other than I just like what I like. I like the sound I get with what I typically use, so I tend to gravitate to that particular chain. :slight_smile:

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