Do you have an effective way to prep your session for mixing?

I´m mixing in Pro Tools and using a Jaycen Joshua-style mixing template with much routing. I find the mix prep to be tedious. Who´s got a great way to prep your sessions? Do you have a video or other resources?

Hi Malene!

I thought I would share my experience with prepping sessions for mix incase helpful!

Like you, I sometimes have fairly complex sessions and as I use Logic I have always had to export the session to audio when sending to mix.

I have been asked for both of the below

1 - Stems with bus treatment and no mix bus treatment

2 - Stems without bus treatment and no mix bus treatment

So then I will make a document and in there I will include screenshots of the mix bus fx which are number ordered as well as any notes that might be helpful.

I usually will print any reverb sends and or parallel sends separately as audio.

If I am printing stems with bus treatment (1) I will bounce the stem. I will solo the stem including the bus treatment and mute the fx sends.

If I am printing the stems without bus treatment (2) I will export the audio which is less time consuming than bouncing and then do screenshots of the bus treatment.

Lastly I will rebuild the session as the mix engineer would and AB the two sessions. This obviously takes a little time but it makes sure the mix engineer gets the session from where I intended to send sound-wise.

I will often write up a document/checklist and make notes of files once they have been printed then I will go through check they are all there. This also gives a good chance to spot any final mistakes like audio file fades etc.

Hope that is helpful!!


Hi Malene,

One way Jaycen and CLA often talk about is to do an exchange with a friend, you prep their sessions, they prep yours, that way you keep a fresh ear and mind when you start mixing !

There’s probably a member of the community who’d be happy to this with you?

If this is not possible for you, I’d definitely advise to prep on a different day than mixing !

I hope it helps !