Creating "Moments" Process

Hey Jaycen, I like the way you and your engineers print audio through effect plugins like Reverbs and Delays. My question is: Are you printing the vocals after being all edited and processed through the vocal bus and through the mixbus? So, are they going through the Godparticle? Once printed then process with reverbs and delays and then re-imported into the session? Or, Would it be the same as using AudioSuite?

Thank you


Hi! We print the vocals pre mix bus, but after the bulk of the vocal processing. We then export them to a separate session in order to create the effects, and then upon completion re-import them into the mix session. Then they are routed to All EFX and sent through TGP.

We use this separate session in order to create a “blank canvas” if you will. By having nothing else in this session except for our vocal effects, it is easier to navigate as well as easier on CPU resources if we choose to load up a bunch of plugins for each separate throw/effect.


Thanks Jay,

and I assume that the other session where you create the EFX is probably clocked at the same BPM as the original session?

Thanks this helps a lot!