Emotions in the mix, Fusion music mixing

Hi, Tchad. I’m a huge fan of your mixing and recording styles and I am grateful for the opportunity to chat to you.
How exactly does the mixing engineer create and enhance the emotional response of the song? I’ve often heard about it, but I’ve never figured out how to do it.
And second question. If you mix jazz/fusion music, will you add samples for drums (kick, snare)? And in this styles, will you use Sans Amp or Delvil loc or or will you leave the sound more “cleaner”?
Thank you. Regards, Vlad.

  1. I think “enhance” is what I’ll respond to here. First, be aware of how it is you feel listening to the music you’re working on. (When I say “music” I include the vocals in that. Personally, I respond to the overall performance first while the lyrics hit me later.)
    Go with what you feel (second guessing other people’s emotions for the most part is beyond me and has led to my most lifeless mixes).
    Enhance the dynamics, sometimes by muting bits, sometimes by adding to it harmonically. Enhance timbre with EQ, compression and distortion if applicable.
    Everybody listens and hears differently. I want the performance to take me away regardless of whether I understand the lyric. When, if I ever do, understand the lyric, that’s an unbeatable combo for me.
  2. If it works, yes!!! I only do clean in contrast to dirty or vice versa.



Thank you for your answers!