Emotion in the mix

Hey Jaycen.

What is your approach when it comes to enhancing the emotion of a song?

What do you listen out for?

Any techniques you could share?

Does it change from genre to genre?


The emotion comes from the dynamics of the record. I like to take the listener through a rollercoaster ride. Or like scene changes in a movie… With Dynamics you can put a listener inside a mix and let them feel the ups and downs of it all!

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Hey Jaycen.


From your videos I get the impression that at least some of your dynamics comes from creating different soundscapes in the mix.

How important is riding faders and automation in this context?

And when do you start adding these moments? At the beginning of the mix? or do you get your “foundation” in place first and then add these special moments?

Thank you so much for your reply. Real pleasure to learn from you.