Enhancing emotion in the mix

Hi Chris,

What is your approach when it comes to enhancing the emotion of a song?

What do you listen out for?

Any techniques you could share?

Does it change from genre to genre?


Great question, and a complicated question as well.

For me the emotional enhancement is everything. It’s what i listen for on every project i start. I have no specific technique when it comes to this. I rely on my understanding of each genre. As a music fan i listen to everything so i think i have a good grasp on different genres.

I think a good start is accenting the dynamics of the song to give it a more active feel. Obviously deeper bass and clearer hi’s can help but that can’t always be done with what you’re given , so try your best. i do a lot of sessions were the vision is bigger than the actual production.
Every production might not need more dynamics. More monotone songs may need an eq or limiting to control dynamics.
One technique i use is editing level changes if i feel a song is flat in changes between parts.

The most important advice i can give you is try and feel the songs yourself and really have fun with your equipment and don’t be afraid to try pushing yourself into the song. Remember its art with a little science.



Hi Chris,
Thank you for your insights. Really helpful.