Feedback - Metal

•I’ve done so many passes on this song trying to get so many instruments to fit. It all falls apart when I add the choir+violins into the background. I’ve tried boosting them in the highs and cutting their mids to see if that will work, but it’s not great.

•I think there’s too much sub on the kick and bass maybe.

•I think the toms need more high end to cut through, they’re just boomy right now.

•I wish the guitar was a bit beefier, but it starts to fall apart if I boost any lows in them.

Hey Raymond ! Super Prog Metal !! because of the fast kick pattern you need to find a tight kick sample and a deeper snare…the drums are too light for this kind of music… i would re balance and start with just drums bass and main guitar…compression will not help the drums here…you need good samples with no dynamics to help glue it together…the toms need to be wider panned and less ring…as for as the choir and strings…compress them till you can squeeze em in ! best of luck !!~…CLA