Questions about loudness and low end

Hello, thanks for your informative lectures.

I am an self-taught indie producer, i produce/mix/master myself.

Recently i am considering hiring mastering engineer. And i wonder about loudness and limiter before the mastering engineer.

  1. Do your clients send mix with hard limiting? Or do they just let all the peaks breathe?

  2. And also i find that you frequently boost 60~100hz before final limiter.

Is it to compensate the low end which is buried after the heavy limiting process?

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So generally, I receive mixes in three forms. the first being non-limited no reference do whatever you need to do to make it sound good and you’re in control of the dynamics. The second is unlimited mix and a reference so I have a guideline of how loud the artist , producer or mixer would like it to be. It’s great to have both. Lastly, is a loud limited mix with no reference and the producer and the mixer and the artist signed off on the level of the mix . it’s fine by me but generally limits What I can do if the artist producer or mix engineer needs something for me to do in the last stage.

I do boost 60-100 generally to compensate for my limiter reducing the punch. I also find myself cutting 6-10 k as another side effect of limiting



Thanks for the comment. It really helps me! Have a good day

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