Getting a song over the finish line!

Hi Mike! Absolutely loved your MWTM episode… so inspiring and actually so great to be reminded that a big key to production is to have a special and excited feeling and energy. I will try and remember this as it’s easy to get caught up in the pressures of finishing the music I find.

My question is from a recent experience: How do you come back to and finish something you started a while ago whilst in a magic moment? I started a pop/rock track and recorded a verse + pre that I love but I’ve been finding it hard to find a chorus that excites me. IMO the verse and pres feel strong and I’ve tried 5/6 chorus productions to inspire the vibe but still not found the chorus melody that really feels it takes the track to the final level. The ideal would be to leave the track until the magic moment strikes but it’s part of an EP with a deadline so wondering if you have any techniques or advice for situations such as these?

In terms of reverbs I use similar to you but yes the UAD Lexicon is amazing as well as the Seventh Heaven for plates which is based on a Bricasti M7. I do also enjoy trying things like pitch shifting before or after a reverb on a bus or adding distortion before or after on a reverb bus to create something different!

Again, thank you so much!

so happy you felt it! It’s tough to tap into the energy you were in on an old record and in my opinion, it’s a mixture of trying that but also letting go of that moment and approaching that record as presently as possible to create new magic. Try it in different environments, in nature, in the car, places you’d wanna hear the record. and see if you hear anything. And at a certain point, if you don’t , try bringing someone else in with fresh ears and fresh energy. You guys might crack it in an instant.

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Thank you for such great advice Mike! We managed to get the chorus we wanted after a few late nights and it was so worth it! :innocent::sparkles:!!!