How to protect your hearing

Hi Andrew! hope you are doing well!
I want to ask you how do you protect your ears when attending to noisy social events or concerts? do you wear earplugs? and how loud (SPL) on average do you typically listen while mixing?

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Hi Uziel,

As far as noisy events/concerts/etc the best money you will ever spend is to get custom molded ear plugs!!! Don’t buy another piece of gear or plugin until you have bought these. Not only do they protect your ears better than foam earplugs etc, they also have a flat frequency response so it actually sounds good when you wear them. Some also have removable attenuators so you can decide how much you need it turned down. Buy them now!!!

I don’t measure my monitoring levels so I’m really not sure. I used to only listen very quietly and very loud, but now I tend to listen at a ‘normal’ level (whatever that is) most of the time. I listen loud for impact and quietly for really being able to hear the balance, but not that often.


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