Latin Playboys, Electric Guitar

Hi Tchad!

  1. Who played the wonderful bass on the Latin Playboys track “Manifold De Amour”?

  2. What are your top 3 favorite electric guitar sounds on records?

Thank you very much!

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  1. First LP album David Hidalgo played 99.5 of all the instruments and sang most of the songs. Mitchell added some keys here and there, Louie Perez added some perc, sang as well and wrote the lyrics. I added sounds from my binaural field recordings and re-recorded all the tracks off a 4 track cassette tape.
  2. Too many recorded guitar sounds I like and wouldn’t be able to choose favourites. There is a jam by Jimi Hendrix though that sends me off every time I hear it: “Pali Gap” on the soundtrack to Rainbow Bridge.

Hi Tchad!
Forever night shade Mary production/mix is really inspiring and evocative. Did you took the decision of the hard left-panned bass during the mix or did you built part of the arrangement around this decision?
It seem like some layers of the arrangement (noise, minimal percussion, ecos) were been developed to create a balanced ilusion besides there is more low end on the left.

Love and blessings Dr Tchad!

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The 3 instruments you hear first are the originals that we got from David Hidalgo’s 4 track cassette. The original tape machine had broken so we got a new one and quickly found out that all the music David had recorded (all the instrumental arrangement you hear on the entire album) was out of alignment and this new machine couldn’t replicate it properly. I transferred everything using multiples of mono tracks, flipping phase and using hi & lo pass filters to isolate every instrument as best I could. This pretty much worked but also created some new problems. It increased the noise, sometimes it lost what little hi end there was. To remedy the new problems I started added sounds from my binaural library and Louie and mine cassette libraries to mask the undesired sounds. I also re-recorded tracks through mechanical filters to mask or make the noise more musical.
On FNSMG, the noise is just what was on tape. Panning was a no brainer for me. Three instruments…L-C-R. Vocals and keys added. t