Loudness plugins: at the end or from the beginnning of the mix?

Hi Tom,
Thank you very much for your last video and for taking the time to focus on the artistic aspect of your approach.
That said, regarding the technical side, as you say, we all try to be competitive « loudness wise ». You mentioned the mastering engineer was expecting a -5dB lufs mix, and from that you’d reduce it by 3 dB. You do have an Ozone and a Pro L on your MSTR bus that work 2 to 3dB each ; did you add these «loudness » plugins at the end of the mix, or did you mix into them from the very beginning aiming these -2/-3 dBs of GR ? Thank you very much in advance !

Hi thomas…with this mix i only had 5 or 6 hours so pretty sure they went on reasonably early in the process!
needed to get mix jumping fast…i do mix into a limiter and depending on the project and what comes in on the ruff db wise.