Mix buss compression/balancing the mix

Hi, Jaycen,
When I was listen your mixes I was inspire by how the balance is built, how the transients sound and the overall picture of the mix is felt. It’s amazing. I am grateful for the opportunity to write to you.
When you mixing, do you use compressor or limiter on mix bus in the end of mixing or you turn on it before you start to mixing and mixing into the compressor?
When you start to make balance, what is the peak-meter level of the main element around which you build the mix? Or are you building a balance in a different way?
Thank you. Regards, Vlad.


I always start every mix with my 2 Bus activated… Right now I use nothing but The God Particle and it’s engaged at the very start of every mix. This is extremely important because putting it on later in the mixing process will change the sonic footprint - and most likely place you behind where you were in the first place. The great thing about TGP is that it has a built in mix level indicator. When your mix or even just the kick hits the indicator your gain structure is at the optimal input level! The input indicator (and my personal sweet spot) turns green when the input signal is -3 to -5 dbfs.


Thank you so much for answers