Mid Range on TGP

Hey, Jaycen! Such a fan of your work. Thank you for doing all of these breakdowns and taking time to answer questions.

I’ve noticed on a lot of my mixes my midrange on TGP seems to be pushed a bit too much from typically the vocals. What’s the best way to tone down that part of the vocal? Or would it be just more carving in the instrumentation to allow the vocal to be full?

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It boosts the mids by about 1db, so if you lower the “MID” knob on TGP to -0.7db it will flatten out the mids overall which might help!

good insight! I do normally end up pulling the mids back some like that and it’s normally pretty helpful

Ryan is correct-also you can do the same thing by carving in the instrumentation, which you originally mentioned, and is my method of choice

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