Percussiveness of the cellos

Hi guys. Could you please unpack more on the verse cellos played by Jack and George? Are the Pro Qs doing a lot or was the original sound that percussive from the start? Has anything else been done to them with analog gear in the studio? Additionally is the Decapitator there just for some extra saturation? Thank you.

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Thanks for the great question Bogdan.

All of the Pro Q3s you can see are doing a 6dB scoop at around 350Hz. This may have helped to make them sound more percussive, but this character mostly came from the way George and Jack played. We put a lot of rosin on the bows, they pushed down quite hard and played staccato. The chain in the studio was just u67 > 1073

Yes, the decapitators on the cellos are adding a bit of grit and saturation (Iā€™m attaching a screenshot!)!


Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated.