Vocals Processing method

Hi Bainz,

I had a question regarding your vocal process. I noticed that you often apply processing to the vocal track individually and then send all the vocals through an aux track. Is there a reason why you prefer this method over creating several aux tracks for example one for the hook and one for the verse and just directly apply processing there and just have autotune on the vocal tracks.

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To be honest it’s usually to save processing power and to get more insert slots. I put the clean up stuff on audio tracks and then add tone shaping stuff to the bus. If i start taxing the system too much i’ll commit the audio tracks and keep working on the auxes till the end.

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Yeah I feel you! It does make sense and in a way it forces you to keep going once you commit since you are less likely to go back on the processing and tweak settings back. Do you ever do very little processing on vocals? When I say little I mean just using half/whole aux track with maybe nothing but autotune on the audio tracks?

It depends on the way it’s recorded to be honest but I always have to do at least some level of eq , compression and coloring.