Reverb plugins!

Hey Mike!

I really enjoyed your video, and got a lot from watching it! You mentioned you wanted peoples recommendations for reverb plugins, so here’s mine:

  • DDMF - Magicverb ( great sounding chambers )
  • Eventide - TVerb ( awesome sounding hall reverb )
  • EastWest - Spaces II ( tons of options, and the planetary reverb is insane!! )

Aw thank you I will peep those !

I’ll chime in on the reverb:

  • Seventh Heaven (Liquidsonics) Bricasti M7 emulator - clean sparkly digital goodness.
  • Crystalline (Baby Audio) - not subtle at all but super clean, very creative and very fun.
  • Pro-R (FabFilter) - lots of fine tuning and frequency control to create especially realistic hall/cathedral type verbs.